Slime Web Comic Met with Incredulity, Disbelief

Posted 02:12
Thu Feb 02, 2012
by TheSlugDoug

The first Slime Web comic was published today, and world governments were quick to condemn, or in some cases dissociate themselves from, the strip. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev exclaimed, "Slime is under the control of subversive elements in the West, determined to incite unrest in Moscow. This cannot stand." U.S. President Barack Obama was more conciliatory but warned that "Slime has to obey the laws of the United States of America like any other American entity. Except some big businesses." Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was unavailable for comment after accidentally swallowing a slug, while new North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seemed determined not to bow to any pressure from the Field regarding the Stalinist state's nuclear program. S. Cargeaux also had no comment, instead shivering mightily inside his snail shell.

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