Laura Liston only decided to try her hand at drawing comics after leading her tribe of Amazons to a resounding victory over the Roman general Euslus, debunking the 'Fountain of Youth' myth, and traveling in time to give Ivan the Terrible a much-deserved slap in the face. Laura drew and co-wrote "Slime," having derived inspiration from "Garfield," "Calvin and Hobbes," "Zits," and "Foxtrot."

Andersen Silva has been to the top of El Castillo and the bottom of Edgar Allan Poe's basement; when not on such expeditions, or wrangling bits and bytes as a data services manager, the singer/songwriter records his own music while playing guitar left-handedly. His geeky nature, and bizarre writing skills honed in the Underground Giraffe and the Extreme, have aided him in co-writing "Slime" and putting this and other Web sites together.

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